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Jeanneau Drop Keel maintenance

Fantasia, Sun Rise, Sun Shine and others


Jeanneau's with lift keels built from the 1980's through to late 1990's appear to have similar mechanisms for lifting the heavy steel centreboard drop keels.


This article refers mainly to Sun Rise and Sun Shine models, but should be helpful for other similar sized "derive" models including the Fantasia, Arcadia and Attalia.


These lift keel plates (referred to in the manual as a drop keel) are effectively heavy steel plates with quite different mechanisms to either that fitted on the larger models that had hydraulic pumps or the more recent Jeanneau lift keel designs.


Image below is for a Sun Rise.

1: Pulley Box

2: Raising winch and cleat

3: Drop keel release valve with hose tail (access under floor)

4: Drop keel arm pulley

5: Drop keel arm

6: Drop keel arm axle

7: Drop keel

8: Lateral centring studs

9: Drop keel axle


When not in use, it is recommended that you do not excessively block the drop keel in the high position, and thus create a certain amount of play in the drop keel for the next season.



Access to the lifting mechanism is not that obvious, it first requires the table top to be lifted up.


On the Forum "Timo" advised that the top of the keel box was glued on and needed to be separated with sharp edge.





After replacing the lifting rope "Timo" used a neoprene seal when refitting the top.


Parts list for the Sun Rise

Detail of the Sun Rise keel mechanism

The images and notes below refer to the Sun Shine and show the extraction of the keel plate and refurbishment. They have been reproduced here by permission from the extremely helpful and valuable post on the Facebook Group by "Janne" from Finland.


CAUTION: The drop plate alone weighs around 110 kg on many models, so suitable safe handling precautions must be taken.


First the unusual axle ends must be identified in the ballast keel. There was a plastic cover over this square hole that first needs to be cleaned out.


Screw end fixing seen on right hand photo

Drop plate as removed. Note a travelift hoist was used to lift the boat for this stage.

Drop keel axle

Considerable grinding was required to clean off the rust.


Thorough phosphoric acid treatment before primer.


Article based on the original posts from the Jeanneau Owners Forum and the Jeanneau Facebook group