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Replacing the OEM Teak

Anders Flodin tackles the job on his Sun Odyssey 51


After 20 years it is time to replace the teak deck on the boat. I have already done it on some parts of the deck and now the time has come to some of the hatches. It is quite straight forward.


1. Hack away the old teak, this is the boring and time consuming part

I used a chisel and hammer.


2. Clean up the old glue with an angle grinder and flap-disc, 60-80 grit, be a bit gentle.


3. Repair the glass-fiber laminate, it is actually a sandwich construction and I had some delamination and soft spots.

4. Glue and fit the new teak ribs that I have sanded the edges to ge a nice rounding of the ribs since they are 12mm, see below under NB


5. I use masking tape when I caulk it and just a light sanding. NB the old teak was 6mm and fake, the new teak is 12 mm and therefore stands up from the recess but that is OK, I rounded the edges so it look OK. It is also stiffer and the hatch flexes less when I stand on it. The new laminate also helps to stiffen it up.

I also clamped the teak during curing of the glue and thus aligned the individual ribs better. No screws were used and as long as the teak is just straight without any bending or curvature it stays put.


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 - Anders Flodin