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Adjustable Genoa Track and Car replacement

While new tracks were the extreme option, I could not figure out how to make the old Goiot cars work. So with that, being as I had bought some Schaefer cars a few years back thinking they would work on the current track.....no dice, sooooo, bought some new track 8' long vs the current 6.5' or about 2 M long. Will have a bit more at the aft, and in the front mostly for smaller jibs.

Anyway, with my small 2' tracks tween the spreaders and just aft of the mast for my 110, this new 8' track at the side of the cabin, I now have some 10' of track to work with! name a headsail size from storm jib to 175 or there abouts, and I have a setting for it!

Here are pics of new setup, hopefully they are visible enough.


cleaning after removal.

aft to front

front to rear including small tracks for 110

very front of track

very rear of track and car and cam cleat to hold the pulling end of the line


under side of deck, with new 3/4" or 2 cm washers vs the old washers that were maybe 3/8" and less than a cm in diam.

Currently the front fiddle is held onto the ubolt of the shroud. The rear is bolted to the car where the push/pull lock pin would be. I need to cut this bolt a bit shorter so it does not interfere with the genoa sheet.


I am hoping that by installing the new tracks farther forward I can use the far most setting for reaching to downwind legs with the 110 on windier days for cruising or crewed racing when it is too strong to use a bigger jib or the spinnaker.


I am sure like a lot of things, the playing with the setup to see how well it will work will be the fun part! May have time to try it this weekend, but more than likely in a week during a race of all places to test it out!


Marty - Amoretto- Arcadia 30