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TV Bracket

Fitting to the Sun Odyssey 37


Ricardo Correia a new owner of a Jeanneau SO 37 (2001 version) shares his way of mounting a flat screen TV.


After considering different approaches I ended up choosing this point to fix the TV in the saloon.

Fixing it with an extendable arm wall mount makes it possible to serve both the saloon dining table (to watch TV) and the navigation table (as a navigation display).


Foto 1 : shows the view from the big U sofa around the table.


Foto 2 and 3 : shows the TV repositioned to serve the navigation table


Foto 4 : shows how the extendable arm is mounted and the reach when it is fully extended.


Foto 5 and 6 : shows how the closet wall was reinforced to hold the structure. I used a strong piece of wood (pine) tightly fixed to the closet wall and  a metal “plate”. The arm is then tightly fixed by 3 long inox screws, giving all structure enough strength to allow moving the TV to any desired position.


Foto 7 and 8 : show the back of the TV with all cables (1 power, 2 HDMI and 1 VGA).

Cables still need to be tidyed (hidden) to avoid the spaghetti look :D.


The unit can be powered either by 12V or 220V, I am currently using an inverter to power it, maybe will change for a 12V cable.


Hope you find it interesting.


Ricardo Correia