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Variable Engine Room Fan

Engine room fan variable thermostat conversion


My thermo resistor which triggers the engine bay fan to come on had failed.

So rather than replace with the same I ordered a £20 variable thermostat, so I can set the fan activation to come on at the right temperature.

Link for the part - Capillary thermostat, SPDT, 0to+120degC:



Dead simple to fit!! and it works a real treat!!!!


From this pic you can see the thermostat fitted (top and centre).

Directly next to it on the left is the relay which powers up the fan.


In this pic you can see the capillary sensor which is fitted to the top of the engine bay.

NOTE: mounting the sensor in this position will directly pic up heat as it rises from the engine. BUT this is what I want to happen, so as soon as the engine gets to a predetermined temp, the fans will cut in.


But as the thermostat temp range goes up to 120 degrees, I have plenty of leeway to set the thermostat just right.


Ian - QV - SO37