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Exhaust water separator project

Knut Grønn shows how to quieten a genset exhaust


I wanted to stop the noise of the cooling water from my genset disturbing the peace so I built an exhaust and water separator.


Here is my 1-2-3 guide on how to make one yourself.


Get 1.5mm sheets of stainless steel, some 40mm pipes and a 25mm barb hose nipple.


Box measures aprox 400mm x 300mm x 120mm


Cut the plates and make sure to weld a separator wall on the top inside the box, make sure you cut the plates evenly for the wall inside. You want that wall to be as tight fit as possible. Weld the 40mm pipes an inche or so from the top of the box, water and exhaust must have some space to evacuate from the pipe into the box. Water will be pushed downwards into the 25mm nipple and air will go upwards into the second 40mm pipe.




New in store price – approx £200-£250

DIY price – approx £20


Unit works like a charm, no more water splashing when running my Fischer Panda 4kw genset.